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About me

My name is Chris and my passion is sound and the technology behind it. I am currently enrolled in the Audio Communication and Technology master's programme at the Technical University of Berlin, specializing in signal processing.
On the side, I finished the HPI School of Design Thinking's Basic Track and I am currently working at the T-Labs Innovation Laboratory in Berlin.

In my free time I like to work with audio, produce music, dj and tinker with electronics. Below you can find some of my current and past work (might contain techno).

Current Projects

Sound generation using boids

To connect multiple areas of interest, I decided to implement a sound generation tool based on the behavior of bird-like-objects (boids). As I am also currently playing around with a couple of WS2801 LED strings and a teensy micro-controller, the idea was quickly to visualize what's happening on a tiny LED matrix.

The video below shows the maxMSP implementation and the LED visualization:

LED Timer

Prototype of a Design Thinking time timer using slow visual change with adjustable .

Rainbow clock

A circular LED clock which communicates the current time using color and brightness. Implemented using a tightly mounted WS2801 band and the teensy.


If you like a more coherent listening experience, please check out my last set below (new one coming soon!)

Old Work

  • Various signal processing algorithms, like stable onset detection using spectral and cepstrum analysis and an automatic test suite. Another project involved the generation sound fields using techniques such as image source modeling, Wave Field Synthesis and Higher Order Ambisonics.

  • An interactive installation, where a visitor is led by sound and light to discover boxed rooms, which are illuminated using flashing lights and mirrors.

  • re:aktion - An interactive, multi-modal interface that allows the listener to modify music play through movement. Implemented using a Microsoft Kinect and Processing.

  • A handmade ambilight solution using 50 WS2801 LEDs and a raspberry pi, running openELEC and the boblight plugin.

  • Simulation and comparison of large Wave Field Synthesis arrays using Matlab, the SFS toolbox and the SSR Renderer. This work was done in the course of my BA thesis Coloration of virtual sources in Wave Field Synthesis for different loudspeaker spacings, which was the basis for the paper Coloration in Wave Field Synthesis at the 55th AES International Conference in Spatial Audio (August 2014)

  • MonoToni - A quasi-modular hybrid synthesizer, build by a small team of electrical engineers at the TU Berlin.

  • A modified build of the minimum theremin kit.


I am best reached via email at:
me [at] chrisclock [dot] com